Proposed Centre of Excellence Opportunities

In phase two of our vision in creating a centre of excellence in Mallow we recognise the need for Decontamination & Sterilisation educational requirements in Ireland. There are very few recognised courses that enables students and employees of medical facilities to advance their careers. Training in Sterile Services Technology Students can study for a Higher […]

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A Better Approach, a Better Solution

IDSL is a new market provider of Sterile Services for reusable surgical instruments from our state of the art facility in Mallow. We provide the expertise, responsiveness and exceptional quality required to manage and mitigate your risk. “Healthcare facilities all over the world are finding it difficult to keep up with ever rising costs and […]

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State of the Art Central Decontamination Unit

IDSL will offer our clients a state of the art Central Decontamination unit (CDU) at a much lower cost than in‐house and it will meet and excel all the standards and regulations of the HSE; HIQA and EU Health Agencies that they are required to sustain. With our facility one of the most modern in […]

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IDSL – Local, Outsourced, Best of Breed

With experience in CSSD unit management, disaster recovery management, regulatory affairs, budgeting, planning and logistics, IDSL team members have been at the forefront of creating the world class standards evident in the sector today. With IDSL, they are moving this sector to a new level of local, outsourced, best of breed services.

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Financial Savings Made with IDSL

Our products and services enable you to make financial savings that can be invested elsewhere. Sterile services are crucial to patient safety and to the healthcare provider they directly impact on the patient experience and the efficient running of operating theatres.

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